Wednesday, March 25, 2009

That is my personal Twitter page. Depending on how current events or pop culture's woes inspire me (to rant), maybe I should take a break from long-winded blog postings and instead microblog ("tweet") and post TinyURL links on Twitter.

Ironically, computer security specialists warn everyone surfing the Web - no matter the operating system platform - to be careful when clicking on obscure links, lest a malicious hacker greet you on the other end. TinyURL (and similar services) essentially shortens and obscures long URLs, so that they can fit the Twitter format (a maximum tweet length of 140 characters).

Anyhow, I might think up of something to blog here for the rest of the month; maybe something will present itself to me to rant. That sometimes happens. Otherwise, I currently write daily "educational" posts at Chord du Jour, and the Society of Gloves will hopefully have another song ready about one month from now. Mutiny Universe has several things coming up the pipeline, both large and small.

A wise man once said: "Ain't nothin' newer than doin'." Here's to doing stuff! In this current economic structure, there are producers and consumers. Try to be a producer ('cause there's no money to consume, anyhow). Maybe in a newer, open-source world, there are collaborators and collaborators. Ah, idealism...

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