Thursday, March 26, 2009

That's my band's website. Other than doing what it's supposed to do now (with our new song embedded but not on auto-play), it's pretty bare bones. We're trying to let it grow organically, without making it into an gaudy Geocities website. Yes, we've all been guilty of that. If you don't believe that - or are too young to remember Geocities, Tripod, and AOL Hometown - think about the busiest incarnation of your MySpace profile for some perspective. Yeah, exactly.

My first few websites in early 1998 were like Homer Simpson's first attempt to build a website - full of animated GIFs, cheesy MIDI background music, and the not-so-clever "Under Construction" image with the hardhat stickman shoveling dirt.

At some point, this blog was pretty busy with widgets and whatnot. It still is at this moment, actually. Who has the time to practice what they preach, anyhow?

C'est la vie.

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