Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hooray for Science

Obama to lift Bush's stem cell funding limits.

My brother, quoting a myriad comedians and commentators, reminded me of the BushCon irony: Many quick to protect potential human beings, but hesitant to provide opportunities to those born poor and those living with less than perfect health. OK, the poor folk can sign up to fight the offensive war but not the retaliatory one. As far as sick folk go, well, health insurance is a privilege. For the healthy, who are also wealthy. (Keep in mind, my [not so] imaginary straw man is saying this, not me.)

Words that must have agreed-upon meanings by opposing points of view:

1. Conservative
2. Liberal
3. Fascist
4. Socialist
5. Totalitarian
6. Communism
7. Fact
8. Theory
9. Patriotism
10. Dissent

We'll add more words as definitions for the above reach consensus. I'm not holding my breath, though. However, in this Wikified world, it is getting less useful to rely on Merriam-Webster-approved definitions, without redundantly emphatic adjectives: Fiscal conservative! Social liberal! Scientific theory! Christian socialist!

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