Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day; My Last Public Web Words in English for Today

@antsiogghlas (on Twitter) suggested I tweet in the Irish language for St. Paddy's Day, and I will do just that. Also, after I post this blog, all my public Web communication will be in Irish (not emails or private messages for realistic reasons).

Anyway, I like these quasi-ethnic/cultural holidays (in America, they are). They are grand excuses for party and drink (responsibly, of course) for everyone regardless of ancestry. Until Passover or Easter become drinkin' holidays (who says they shouldn't?), we have the month of April off (technically). While St. Paddy's is actually celebrated in Ireland, we have a quasi-ethnic holiday in May only truly celebrated by Americans: Cinco de Mayo. I don't know if that holiday is very important in Mexico, but I think it's quite important to us living north of the border. That said, I'll try to do the language of origin bonus celebration for Cinco (in Spanish) as what I am attempting to do today (in Irish).

I want everyone to party well but responsibly for the rest of today. I got my Guinness head start as of last Wednesday, and I'm still going strong! Cheers! Oíche mhaith duit!

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