Sunday, March 1, 2009 Recommends Voting for Quest Crew on MTV

I watch the boob tube through bunny ears and (sometimes) a digital converter box, if at at all, so I'm rarely hip to what's new on TV. I'm glad that I can get news through the grapevine of social networking and instant viewer gratification through the magic of YouTube and Hulu and whatever else streaming video.

That said, there's a show on MTV called America's Best Dance Crew. One of the championship finalists is Quest Crew, and this is their final routine before the season finale:

I have not had jaw drop in such a long time, with all this defiance of gravity. I'd appreciate it if you all would vote for Quest Crew (watch the other crew's last dance, if you must, to compare). As I had mentioned last time, I went to high school with the piano-playing member of the crew, Ryan Conferido, who's a Wikified hero in his own right.

On occasion on this blog, I have ranted against the negative side of reality TV - the cancellations of quality scripted shows, the mean-spirited humor against those who don't quite fit in to the GAP-commercial hyper-reality world of TV, and the infamy of people who get famous because they are famous (but don't have a particular talent or useful skill for the betterment of mankind). I am happy that shows like ABDC prove that there is a positive side to reality TV, and television in general. The final two crews not only defy gravity but also pop culture stereotypes: Non-token Asian and Asian-American males (a rarity in mainstream American media) versus an all-female dance crew not in the context of being fetishized backup dancers (I never knew such a description existed, due to pop culture norms). Kudos to America's favorite bass player Randy Jackson for being a non-pitchy dawg in the dawg pound and conceiving this particular show. (If only Mr. Jackson could somehow convince his status-quo lovin' American Idol bosses and co-workers to use the same progressive logic.)

Based on the penultimate show of the season, I think Quest Crew will have more votes and win the competition. It's a case of gravity defiance with a some piano playing versus a giant boom box (watch the embedded video and linked video above). If the other crew (Beat Freaks) wins, then the competition wouldn't seem like much of a meritocracy, would it now? Then again, my hometown bias is showing, and I've only seen the most recent episode of the show.

In other words: Cheers!

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