Monday, March 9, 2009

Apple Netbook

I think those two buzzwords in the title alone will create a bunch of hits via the Google web crawler (if that's how it still works). In any case, the chances are good (or the rumors are loud) that the Cupertino-based corporation of which I own shares will come out with a netbookish computer that fulfills the duties of a netbook (word processing, Web browsing, and limited entertainment) but in a potentially non-netbookish, possibly innovative way. If blog commenters could Wikify the specs, it would look like this:

1. It would be like an iPod Touch but bigger;
2. It would be primarily touchscreen-based;
3. It would also have a slide-out keyboard, unlike a hinged notebook design;
4. It would run on OS X-lite, closer to the iPod/iPhone OS than the robust OS X operating system;
5. It would be proprietary (and vaguely monopolistic), as most users would have to buy programs via the App Store and the App Store alone, to the exclusion of open-source downloads and rejected competing apps;
6. It would cost about $600.

There are probably other hypothetical and speculatory specs, but I must wrap this up so I can grab a bite to eat. As a shareholder, I'd normally be happy about a new product that caters to a rabid fan base of consumers, but shares of AAPL can't even break $100 any more, let alone $90. Obviously, it's a weak stock market, no matter how well these trinkets would sell.

As a potential consumer, I'm only interested in two physical items by Apple: The iPod Shuffle (which I already own) and the 8-Core Mac Pro. Yes, like many things in life, I only like the cheapest and the most expensive items on the menu.

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  1. That would be really cool, especially if it's only a little bit bigger than the ipod touch.


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