Monday, February 23, 2009

Senator Bunning Lands on My Radar by Being an A-Hole

Apparently, the Republican Senator from Kentucky, Jim Bunning, anticipates the demise of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If they seemed like friends, it could be a case of the worry-warts, but as the media depicts their "relationship" (if any), the Senator is often described as "conservative," and the Justice "liberal." The conclusion, then, is that Bunning is an a-hole who wishes death upon ideological opposites.

Now I didn't know who Sen. Bunning is, so I Wiki'd the guy. I found out that (1) he used to be a pitcher in Major League Baseball (now in the Hall of Fame), (2) allegedly acted like a major league a-hole during the 2004 election (barely winning due to Dubya's win), and (3) makes a large salary running a namesake foundation that allegedly gives less than 25% of its proceeds to charity. I'm thinking of a word that begins with "ass" and ends in "hole." I guess Bunning's perfect game on June 21, 1964 went to his head, swelled it up, exploded, and transformed him into what can be described as an anus-like being.

Now what are Bunning's reelection chances in 2010?

This sort of behavior by those who claim to be "conservative" - whether it is calling half of America "the pro-America parts of America" or praying for the demise of those who believe in different means to the same end (Pat Robertson edges out Bunning on this douchiness), as well as the net track record of the previous eight years - is why "conservative" is the new misunderstood dirty word and "liberal" isn't really anymore. In the '90s, I mistakenly perceived that "conservative" had a bad, backwards connotation, and "liberal" had a better political/cultural connotation. I was rudely awakened in a post-9/11 world that "liberal" had always been a dirty word since about the '70s and a bunch of bandwagon Americans loved to be "conservative."

Regardless of whether these words are used correctly and coherently by all sides of opposition (like what the word "theory" means to scientists vs. creationists), I'm glad the nation is apparently catching up to my '90s perception. Okay, maybe not. National sentiment will probably meet me halfway, in that both "liberal" and "conservative" are "dirty words," or at least they're words to look up in the dictionary.

Remember, in this world of pop ideology, nuance and recognizing gray-areas show a "liberal bias"...whatever that means to you. In all seriousness, the true American goal is prosperity (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...anyone?), and the means to get there is up for debate.

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