Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost (and Other Enumerated Musings)

1. This post will contain spoilers for those who have not seen the most recent episode of Lost.

2. It was obvious the Island has resurrection powers, and the resident rebirth deity (Locke) would be brought back to life.

3. Benjamin Linus is another example of what makes a (super)hero vs. a (super)villain. If he's a good guy with a noble goal, then what of his deceptive and sometimes villainous means?

4. Did Ben kill Penny? What of Desmond? And little Charlie?

5. Is Widmore the "good guy"? He was a jerk as a 17 year old, and he was a douche to Desmond in the 1990s.

6. It's all moral relativism, I guess. Objectively speaking, relativism is the bane of many growth-seeking civilizations, religions, and sports teams.

7. It's only a matter of time until they reveal the non-surprise that 1950s Ellie is the elderly Eloise Hawking. It would be a surprise if the show runners never point it out, or if they make it a point to contradict the obvious.

8. Now that I have only one more half-hour lesson left in my Dutch language course, I have been trying to figure out what language I should tackle next.

9. Last night's Lost provided some suggestions: They speak Arabic in Tunisia, right? But is it closer to Egyptian Arabic or Eastern Arabic (the available Pimsleur courses)? And what of the Spanish spoken in Dominican Republic? Would the Latin American Spanish be sufficient?

10. In any case, would another Germanic language interfere with my knowledge of Dutch? Or would it edify my etymological leanings?

11. Linguistically, should I stay in Europe and start bouncing around the world?

12. Another episode of Lost (the one where Desmond turns the key in the Swan) had two of Penny's employees speaking what is apparently Brazilian-ish Portuguese.

13. The Portuguese speakers have an HP Pavilion monitor from the 1990s at their workstation, the same one from my first desktop PC. That computer was purchased at Circuit City. It contained a 6 GB hard drive, and the employee who sold the computer was confident that 6 GB was more space than one could ever need.

14. In 1999 or 2000, I bought a USB mouse. I sometimes use it on EVE-ah the Netbook.

15. In another episode of Lost, there's a Sharp Carousel microwave in Desmond's 1990s flat. It is similar to the microwave from my childhood.

16. The night before last, I dreamt that I too was transported to the Island again. This is probably due to Lost being one of the few shows I watch on TV regularly. Or it could be a "memory."

17. In the dream, Ben Linus told me that in order to save the Island, I would need to find the Pillar of Davidson.

18. I'm pretty sure Ben was lying (to us). Get it? Linus?

19. "Pillar of Davidson" is a song from the 1990s by the band Live.

20. The sing-along chorus of the song (about two and a half minutes in) talks about a "Shepherd..."

21. The doctor character is named Jack Shephard.

22. Someone needs to do a Jack montage on YouTube set to "Pillar of Davidson."

23. The second plane crash kind of reminds me of the second prison in Prison Break. A somewhat back to basics approach.

24. At least Hurley bought a bunch of seats and refused to let other people board the plane.

25. It's awesome that Lapidus (the pilot) always lands his vehicle.

26. It's time for a banana, final Dutch lesson (for now), possibly some yogurt, and then sleep.

27. Or maybe a Heineken.

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