Wednesday, February 4, 2009

List of Blurbs

1. I forgot Groundhog Day was two days ago.

2. I need to update Google Earth, for the sky, ocean, and Mars capabilities. Then I need to pour a glass of Scotch, travel virtually, and then travel in real life. Especially to Mars. I wonder if Google will make a "Google Time" add-on to Earth, with time travel capabilities. That would be fantastic.

3. President Obama wasn't kidding when he'd be the anti-Bush, being quick to say (in his characteristic talking pace): "Uh, look. I...scrwdup." Bush, at best, admitted to not having things the way he'd like and being misunderstood when it came to "Mission Accomplished"...and that was at the end of his Presidency. Having a President admit to screwing up as quickly as he screws up (this time, with all the tax-evading nominees) is quite refreshing, as long as he doesn't screw up a lot.

4. I can't wait until tomorrow's episode of Lost. Along with The Office and sometimes 30 Rock, it's essentially the only show I currently watch on TV.

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