Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last Week's Dreams

One night, I dreamt that there was a new ride at Disneyland. My job was to shoot water at the guests with a fire hose. I soaked every last one of 'em.

The next night, I was to write and/or direct the sequel to Highlander: The Musical. Seriously. This dream created its own historical context because Highlander: The Musical was apparently a smash hit in this reality. It was a challenge because I was limited to writing Queen-like songs or adapting the music of Queen; it was a quandary because the movie Highlander II disappointed me as a youngster due to shattering the mysticism with the notion of the planet Zeist. Did I create my own sequel? Or did I adapt the Zeist storyline? I don't remember, or it was never addressed in my dream.

Tomorrow's another episode of Lost. As long as no character (particularly Jacob) comes from the planet Zeist, I'll roll with whatever the showrunners have in mind. I feel as though I wrote this sentiment on this blog before (I know I mentioned this to people). Strange.

Anyhow, some night after, I was the drummer for The Rolling Stones. That was a cool one.

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