Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ISOs, Virtual CD-ROMs, and My New Not-Netbook

For the first week, I tried my darnedest to keep EVE-ah the Netbook as limited in function as possible: A netbook that went on the Web, processed Open Office/regular MS Office documents, and played mp3s on iTunes.

I failed. EPIC FAIL, as the kids used to say maybe three to five years ago. I don't know what they say these days. Now that the phrase in my vocabulary, it's probably passé.

I discovered that the XP operating system on EVE-ah the Netbook could run ISO files (images of CD-ROMs) with a lightweight, free program from Microsoft. That's when the road to foolhardy multitasking personal computing began. Other than the relatively slower processor and a fraction of RAM, my netbook is - so far- a decent microcosm of my workhorse desktop. I could do the heavy lifting - the number-crunching, animating, and audio recording - on my desktop, and use the netbook on the road to demonstrate and/or slightly tweak what I've done in my office.

Overall, it's fantastic! However, it pains me a bit that I have to wait some time longer for my ideal of über-powerful, single-industry/category computers to come to reality. The single-tasking (well, slower multitasking, to be fair) revolution, which I feel is akin to the slow food movement, will have to wait.

I guess I'll have to wallow in my defeat by ordering something from a dollar menu somewhere.

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