Friday, February 27, 2009

If You're Not Learning, You're Forgetting

Other than writing about using a netbook or about watching Lost, the only other topic I truly write about is my quest to become a polyglot, using the Pimsleur method (free-to-borrow eAudiobooks from NetLibrary, using my local library card). There are too few hours in the day, so scheduling time to learn a new language would have been an impossible task had it not been my desire to take time to exercise daily. When my body's on "autopilot" doing yoga poses or crunches, my brain is focusing how to ask a "Dutch woman" if she would like a beer or a glass of wine, and stuff about hotels. In any case, the late Dr. Pimsleur is THE MAN!

An unforeseen consequence of learning something new everyday is the positive effect on my (formerly useless) short-term memory. Or maybe it's my long-term memory doing some hard-drive-as-virtual-RAM human stuff. In any case, my brain hasn't felt this strong since, maybe not college but high school. Maybe the workouts have something to do with it, too. I shed some moderately massive college weight starting in late 2007 (thus stripping me of my uncanny ability to drink everyone under the table). So I guess learning something new every day has helped me reclaim my brain, and foreign languages seem to be the epitome of "new-new." Learning something new in, say, Pro Tools doesn't really count, since I've been fiddling with digital audio workstations since 1998. And editing video is a college skill.

The moral of the story: If you ain't learnin', yer forgettin'. In other words, quoth Bob Dylan: "He not busy being born is busy dying."

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