Monday, February 9, 2009

I Might as Well Tweet Instead of Blog

1. - I've been a Twitter-er (Tweeter?) since...2007? I've never been truly active on that site; I just have Twitterfeed (or something like that) post this blog (and others) automatically.

2. I didn't know today was the Grammys, until I caught some of it on TV. The only notable performance, in my book anyway, was Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood play Radiohead's "15 Step" with the USC Marching Band. These band geeks with lots of money/big loan/big scholarship get to play with Radiohead (partially). That's rad.

3. Back to Twitter, I need to find a way to update my Facebook statuses on Twitter, too.

4. The Lakers kicking ass on the road is no surprise.

5. The Clippers kicking ass recently, on the other hand, is a grand surprise. If they keep it up, I'd suspect they have an Angels in the Outfield type situation.

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  1. Twitter is for tweeting, not blogging!! lol.

  2. Hey, you're into basketball? You don't blog about it on your site. I'm not that big of a sports fan, but I'm reconsidering it. My son is a sports enthusiast, and lately he's been starting to convince me that basketball is a fun and worthwhile sport to watch. I think I've watched like 10 entire games since my teen years. Anyways, I'm thinking about watching a game soon -- I'll blog about it. See ya!

  3. LOL. As of late, I can't seem to stay on one topic too long when I write my daily I might as well micro-blog/tweet on Twitter.

    I enjoy a good game or two on every weekend on the TV. The last time I blogged basketball was during the Finals last year. I'll probably blog more about it if the local team(s) make it closer to the playoffs. That pretty much goes for every sport. I'm essentially halfway between a fair-weather fan and a hooligan. LOL.


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