Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DO NOT Spin off "Scrubs" to "Scrubs: The Next Generation"

I'm glad I don't watch a lot of appointment TV as of late. I don't care for reality TV, even though I caught Monday's The Bachelor, due to a friend retitling it The Vagina Test Drive. I'm glad that I cannot commit to another day of 24. I haven't seen House in a while, and while I'd like to see another episode, I could pretty much imagine one in my head. I definitely make it a point to watch Lost tonight, but I am preparing myself for a Highlander 2-type disappointment at the end. If this "Jacob" character is an alien from the planet Zeist, I will be forced to exact some form of poetic justice to someone. I'll definitely sometimes catch what's left of NBC's "Must See TV" Thursdays (The Office, 30 Rock) semi-frequently.

So Scrubs used to be on the NBC network. The show got shuffled around the schedule so much that it ended up on ABC, to be shuffled around the schedule until people forget. I like(d) Scrubs. The episode where Encino Man (you know the guy from The Mummy) played dead along, Sixth Sense-style to Dr. Cox just went for the jugular. I enjoyed the masochistic sadness from that episode. I liked the fact the Dr. Cox predated Dr. House by years, and I liked that they addressed this issue a couple of times.

So I caught a few recent ABC episodes. Apparently the old guy retired but is still hanging around (and is less of a douche). Cox is the new Chief of Medicine. The main doctors (and nurse) are the veterans in charge. Not all the characters appear in all episodes. In fact, there's even one episode where the main Scrubs guy was just a disembodied voice from a cell phone. Those changes are all right for a show in its last (?) season.

What doesn't bode well for me is the introduction of the new newbies - these stock character interns. There's the happy doctor and the grumpy doctor, eternally paired together. And a bunch of other characters that don't matter. The ukulele girl (the lawyer's new girlfriend) is the only welcome addition. Apparently, Kate Micucci pursues quirky music in addition to landing acting gigs:

Is it me, or does the name Kate Micucci read like what a dirty old Gaelic-speaker would say? I might be mispronouncing what I'm reading. Anyhow, she's great. And Gaelic is great, too. I wouldn't have a first name if it weren't for the Irish branch of Gaels.

Anyhow, Micucci the singer-ukulele player also performs with a singer-guitarist in a duo called Garfunkel & Oates. If by chance they get to know me, I'd be happy to fill in as "Dunn" or "the tall dude from Air Supply."

Back to Scrubs: It seems like the show runners are angling for a continuation of ER proportions or a spin off of Saved by the Bell "caliber" (which is much too generous of a word), once several main characters leave the show. They should just let the show end.

That's it. Thanks again, EVE-ah the Netbook; you seem to have cured my writer's block.

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