Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blogging with EVE-ah the Netbook

After 11 years and 3 months of virtually daily personal computing (using the Apple IIe in grade school to play Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? doesn't count), I've come to the realization that multitasking computers are for consumers, and dedicated workhorses are for producers.

I'd like to think of myself in the latter category (why else would I have incorporated/organized two companies...to be increased in the coming weeks?). While I can't yet afford two Cheese Graters (a Mac Pro for video/Final Cut Pro and a Mac Pro for music/Pro Tools HD), I've started my anti-multi-tasking quest by buying a netbook: an Acer Aspire One. (I'll have to atone later for not practicing what I previously ranted, since I didn't buy the OLPC XO-1 for netbooking. I'll be sure to do something solid for the world's children in the near/distant future!) The AA1 has a similar color scheme to the WALL-E character EVE, so I named it accordingly: EVE-ah!

While the 3/4 size keyboard is a bit cramped, the netbook is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. The touchpad mouse is a bit awkward, compared to a regular notebook's touchpad. The netbook goes on the Internet quite well. Its non-existent CD/DVD drive is a non-issue, since most open-source software (Firefox, Open Office) and freeware (iTunes, Primo PDF) are just downloads away. I don't foresee doing anything on this machine other than moderate Web research, webmail, social networking, word processing, and playing mp3s on iTunes. And yes, blogging too.

If I need to edit video (or animate cartoons...more on that some other time) for Mutiny Universe or track instruments for DeRamos Music/the Society of Gloves, I still have the desktop I purchased when I was a high school teacher, which I've since proudly upgraded into a decent workhorse. But it's still a multitasker. I'd rather have a two dedicated beasts for extremely different artforms at separate locations (with all the PCIe slots filled with all sorts of divergent goodness). And yes, I also want a badass gaming PC with all the appropriate hardware for Diablo III.

'Cause when Diablo III comes, who has the time to create art or run several businesses? There's evil to vanquish, and demons to hunt!

Anyway, this has been my first blog entry from a netbook computer. So far, so good, EVE-ah. It's amazing how far laptop battery technology has come in recent years!

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