Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Needless List, Now with Helpful Links!

OK, here we go again...

1. Apparently Siegfried and Roy are back for one last time, to be broadcast on TV.

2. A dude with whom I went to high school and his dance crew are in the finals of the MTV show America's Best Dance Crew. He's the dude with the Yu-Gi-Oh! hair (okay, that's not very specific, isn't it?). It may be that hometown bias and the fact that I only watched their performance (not the other crew), but please vote for Quest Crew.

3. Sometimes I go to the Hot Chicks with Douchebags blog as a light-hearted pick-me-up. On that note, the reunion of singer/alleged abuse victim Rihanna and singer/alleged abuser Chris Brown will probably prompt the creation of a more serious blog called Talented Chicks with Assclowns.

4. Last night's Laker loss against Denver was due, at least in part, to lack of sleep. The Lakers apparently arrived in Denver at 5 AM after their blowout victory against former Laker Shaq and the Phoenix Suns.

5. Shaq's Twitter account is awesome. He encourages his fellow Tweeters (Twitterers?) to stalk him. After losing to Lakers, Shaq tweeted: "Ouch dat hurts, old fashion ass whoopin" but then bounced back the next game and scored 45 points in a blowout victory against Toronto.

6. There are two things wrong with the Elvis film Kid Galahad (an otherwise good film): (1) Not all Catholic priests are Irish with Irish accents, but I guess it's okay, since the boxer is supposed to be Irish or something; and (2) the mob could have never smashed Charles Bronson's hands.

7. Nadya Suleman is called Octomom because Quattuordecimomom isn't catchy, and as a symbol of the attention level paid to her first six kids. As well as the latter eight.

8. Apparently there is a second wind of cold/flu about this month, as the last time was in December. I gauge this anecdotally, of course. I just hope I don't catch this bug, as I'm rarely sick more than once per

9. Why is something called Teen Kids News broadcast after late-late night king Byron Allen's timeslot? Are there any insomniac and/or vampiric kids up at this hour? And why do the anchors look kind of old for the show? Are they like Benjamin Button kind of kids?

10. During my afternoon power nap (which turned into a relatively leisurely siesta), I dreamt that I was in some sort of epic dark/high fantasy scene, where I was an armorless swordsman riding a horse through the fog, with a bastard sword slung accross my back. I was with a large army of moderately-armored soldiers. We followed our leader into the fog. I dismounted my horse, sent the horse away, and drew my sword. Through the fog was a massive army of orcs and/or demons. I was pretty much a hacking and slashing (and sometimes punching) machine. It was awsome. I ended up in a corridor, where I killed as many as I could. I never found out what happened to the leader or the other soldiers.

Maybe I'll return there in a few minutes. It'll be like my personal Narnia. Goodnight!

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