Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amazon Forums Are Depressing Due to Pessimistic Partisans

If I remember somewhat correctly, in late 2000/early 2001, Gore voters were pretty miffed that the election came down to a Supreme Court decision that gave the Presidency to George W. Bush. Virtually no one, other than memo writers for the CIA (and the bad guy planners of 9/11), could've imagined what would happen later in 2001. The nation was trying to figure out what "compassionate conservatism" was, and the President took a lot of vacations.

Fast-forward eight years, and many vocal (on the 'Net, anyway) McCain, er Palin, voters are spewing predictions of the eminent destruction of the United States of America due to our brand new President, Barack Obama. And this is only what I gathered from the Gold Box and political forums on I won't even touch the "right-wing" Blogosphere, if Amazon is any indication of the sensationalistic demagoguery.

I have to wonder if these vocal, opinionated people actually believe in (and possibly root for) the failure of the Obama Administration to turn around the recent downturn in the American economy and our status in the world. At the very best, some of them are just setting the bar low, due to a (personal? national?) history of bad outcomes and/or general low self-esteem.

Here are some assertions that may apply:
1. Bush did the bailout concept first.
2. One war for retribution is natural for sovereign nations; a second concurrent war with faulty premises (yes, we must all admit to this) constitutes big government.
3. Advocating certain big government maneuvers is not conservatism.
4. Libertarian-minded, small government conservatives (those who do not want to press the social conservatism nation-wide) are probably dealing with their localized economic downturn head-on. Right now. With or without government aid (and hoping for no bailouts, if they're sticking to principle).

As for me, I'm still optimistic that the Administration can turn things around in broad strokes, it's only February!, but we still have our local/metropolitan duty to make sure our communities get better...and maybe we could make some honest money in the process. Imagine several localized economic turnarounds, a combination of entrepreneurial elbow grease and (for better or worse) an unknown amount of government assistance (but more elbow grease) - all across this nation.

That sounds like a movement, if you ask me.

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