Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Open Source Rocks

I've said it before: Open source rocks. If I had the disposable income, I'd buy a netbook running a Linux build. My addiction to proprietary Digidesign Pro Tools means I have to leave my desktop/laptop computing to either a stable Windows build (Chi-Rho the Third Coming) or a compatible OS X version (cross your fingers that Snow Leopard won't have the same initial compatibility issue[s] as Leopard) for an operating system. (Full disclosure: I own stock in Avid/Digidesign, Microsoft, and Apple.)

I have "built" the following open-source Joomla!-powered websites, using open source templates:

Earlier last year: mutinyuniverse.com for Mutiny Universe;
A few months ago: deramosgroup.com for DeRamos Group LLC;
Recently: mumitv.com for mumi tv by Mutiny Universe.

There are more on the way.

Random blurb: I was at Walmart sometime yesterday, and apparently, they sell flasks in the automotive department. I don't think that sends a very good message, but what can you do? They also sell a strawberry-scented Jesus air freshener for about $4. Now, I already have a flask, and I bought three strawberry tree-shaped air fresheners for about $2. I have to admit that the Jesus air freshener smelt quite good.

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