Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New "American Idol" Judge vs. Bikini Contestant

OK, last night, I watched probably around 40% of whatever season premiere of American Idol. I saw the part where the bikini-clad hopeful was arguing with the new judge, the pop songwriter. The pop songwriter tried to show the bikini contestant how to sing some song, and the bikini contestant said the judge didn't do any better than she. The bikini contestant was spot-on with her comment; the two were virtually indistinguishable during their vocal smackdown. That's why the new judge (Kara I'll-Google-Her-Surname-Later) has her career in pop songwriting and not in pop stardom (but I'm pretty sure she tried in the past). There's nothing wrong with a pop songwriter in the judging panel of a pop star-search singing contest. Along with the other three and their qualifications, Kara Whatshername? is up to par.

The session bass player, the former dancer-pop star (not necessarily iconic vocally), and the A&R representative know the score.

I would've written a snide comment about America's voting habits for American Idol versus the actual democratic process, but our collective action last November has stayed my judgmental fingers...for now. We'd better vote well for future elections, too. In the meanwhile, enjoy your televised distraction, media consumers!

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