Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Official: Dogs Are Better Than Humans

On the way to Disneyland (where I hadn't been in, say, eight or nine years), I saw a trio of stray or feral dogs (without collars and tags, in any case) on the sidewalk: A Rottweiler-type dog, a dirty blonde Labrador-type, and a black Chihuahua-type. Anyhow, the two big dogs walked at a slow pace so their smaller companion could keep up. I thought that was the first of many beautiful things to happen yesterday. You could make it represent some notion of transcendence beyond ethnic differences or class struggles, but you'd be mostly wrong. That moment was symbolic of nothing: The dogs do not correspond to any human stereotype or achievement. The moment was simply about dogs looking out for the pack they made. I hope those badass "lost" dogs can forage all the food they need for a lifetime, and I hope they avoid animal control for the rest of their days. If I were a canine, I'd love to join their pack.

I'd like to see humans being good to each other more often than dogs doing the same, but that seems to be an impossibility. (Except, of course, at Disneyland, where all kinds of people from all corners of this round, round world were quite civil to one another.)

Be kind to each other. Cheers!

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