Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, 2009

Hello, World (Wide Web), I'm back. Unless I have something to ramble about, I'll keep these daily summaries as summarily as possible. Christmas was good. The New Year is good thus far. I upgraded my studio to Pro Tools 8 (amongst other improvements), and that was quite the learning experience. Needless to say, my Death Star is fully operational, and it rocks. I just need to give new life (and better arrangements) for a bunch of half-produced songs on my hard drive(s). And the best of them will hopefully get a promo video each (oh, I have a bunch of footage to be edited).

Speaking of music, I'm on IMDb: and so is my band the Society of Gloves (sort of): and of course my production company Mutiny Universe: - all these entities can cash their own checks (I'm waiting for aforesaid checks, by the way). There's a special screening coming soon in LA for our film Élan Vital ( Okay, enough bragging on my part...

Cheers, and I wish the happiest and newest and years-iest of Happy New Years to all of you. Until tomorrow...

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