Saturday, January 10, 2009

FOX: Anti-American, Pro-Commonwealth

Other than The Simpsons and other animated fare, the FOX Network's biggest shows star British Commonwealth actors facilitating somewhat generic American accents:

Hugh Laurie, House, duh.

Lena Headley, Terminator, hot and English.

Wentworth Miller, Prison Break, British-born.

Now I was convinced of Dominic Purcell's blue-collar, Illinois, thuggish shtick in Prison Break, until he let his accent loose when he tried to say "anything and everything," but instead enunciated it with an Irish-Australian twang: "Ehnythin' 'n ev'rythin'."

Ana Torv, Fringe, Australian.

This doesn't really count, but Australian John Noble uses his Denethor accent in Fringe.

And I won't even list the Canadians!

This is yet another reason why Australian-born Rupert Murdoch is trying to subvert post-Revolutionary American progress, along with the requisite FOX News Channel. It actually might be the revenge of an undead King George III. And you thought I was going to criticize Bill O'Reilly (again). May the US always be the rebellious child to Mother England.

On my friend's blog Rama's SCREEN, I once defended why 007 should always be played by a subject of the Commonwealth, regardless of race or gender, and not an American (except perhaps for Gwyneth Paltrow). I used to feel that if the Queen can knight you, then you can be James Bond. Obviously, the Queen can't knight Americans (for the most part). Well, I'm reconsidering my position...

Be prepared for Adam West as James Bond. You all know I joke! I'm neither a xenophobe nor an Anglophobe! Cheers (and cheerio)!

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1 comment:

  1. When Russell Crowe and Christian Bale were cast in 3:10 To Yuma, I thought John Wayne was rolling in his grave

    but they did fine

    so an American playing James Bond wouldn't be a bad idea..using British accent of course..

    but still,.. British hooligans might start a violent riot on the streets of England over that.

    To add to your list

    British Joely Richardson as Julia McNamara in NIP/TUCK

    Aussie Anthony LaPaglia in WITHOUT A TRACE


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