Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Cobbler," I said, "Make Me a Steam-powered Computation Device!"

"But, sir, I fix shoes," protested the Cobbler.

"How can I check my electromagnetic telegrams, then? By Pony Express?"

I happened upon an episode of MAKE: Television on PBS recently, and it featured the steampunk modifications of everyday objects by Jake Von Slatt.

Maker Profile - Steampunk on MAKE: television from make magazine on Vimeo.

Here he is explaining some of his creations on Wired Science:

At the very least, I want someone competent (probably not me) to make me a steampunk computer keyboard, as long as it makes loud typewriter clicks.

Someone else modified an old HP laptop to look like a music box when closed. See it in action, especially with the key and quill:

After watching the WSJ video, apparently this Datamancer guy creates custom keyboards for $700 to $1000. Or between $1200 and $1500, from the info in his website.

In conclusion, I want all these things inside my airship, and duplicated in my Nautilus. Post-haste!

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