Monday, January 19, 2009

A Boogie Woogie Compliment for Me Is a Compliment for You...

My parents weren't able to attend the Élan Vital screening two Sundays ago, so I showed them the movie via DVD recently. At the end of the movie, a tribute to old school rock 'n roll called "Do the Code" played during the credits. My mom expressed concern that we'd have to pay lots and lots of money to the publisher to use the song in the movie.

I revealed to them that the song was all me - the songwriting, the production, and the performance, down to the wannabe Elvis impression vocals and wannabe Jerry Lee Lewis boogie woogie piano (and wannabe Little Richard piano AND falsetto moments). They liked the song even more (I suppose), so I had to rewind the DVD to the start of the credits again. It's doubly cool because magician/actor/former Possum Dixon frontman Rob Zabrecky lip-syncing to my vocals. And actor Michael Onofri did an awesome job miming the piano playing.

I was happy that they were impressed. My parents grew up during the birth of rock 'n roll, so they know what old school rock 'n roll is supposed to sound like. In my book, this is the highest compliment I've ever received for my role in the film because (1) they're my mom and dad, and (2) they know rock 'n roll.

In lieu of the video of the end credits, here's a stream from the mutuni Podcast of "Do the Code" (the "station identification at the end is pretty loud, so be warned):

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr., Day! Rock 'n roll was once the embodiment of judging musicians not by the color of their skin - Chuck Berry, Ritchie Valens, and Elvis Presley are fine examples - but by how much they kicked ass doing the twelve bar blues with overdriven guitars - Cheers!

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