Saturday, January 3, 2009

Add Reformatting This Blog to the To Do List

This blog could go for a reformatting template-wise, and possibly a change in server, although Google's Blogger format is pretty good. I'll probably change the template first, and we'll see about changing servers and blogging platforms.

Web-wise, I have a lot on my plate. If you check out DeRamos Group LLC's homepage, someone will have to work on websites for virtually all the links listed. Until someone can change the past or present to affect the future, that someone is currently me.

And I all want to do is rock hard and wake the neighbors. By the way, like many other "real musicians," I totally blow at Guitar Hero and Rock Band-type rhythm games. Form-wise, I'm totally awesome and can posture like a badass drummer or guitar player, but I can't help but to pretend improv on the button-mashing. Therein lies my lack of discipline.

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