Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wii(s) Are Everywhere

The Good: The previously-rare Wii is virtually everywhere the pre-holiday season, even at

The Bad: All the Internet price-gougers who bought several Wii consoles the previous couple of years (not me!) can't make a ridiculous profit on their horded inventory. Even still, hording goods was possibly still a better idea than buying stock (I'm in the latter category, unfortunately).

The Moot: ...unfortunately, in this economy, who (other than the über-wealthy and the somewhat foolish money-wise) can afford these things? Besides, the Wii Fit is the hard-to-find Nintendo item. (Speaking of Nintendo, full disclosure: According to my portfolio, I own some of Mario and Luigi. Unfortunately...)

The Obvious: I had nothing much to write today (see yesterday's post for the same).

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