Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trinkets for Rich Folk

This $200 watch by Tokyo Flash is great if you want to think of time as an abacus machine, or if you want to look stylish as a Predator alien with a self-destruct weapon.

This $1000 speaker system by Harmon Kardon will only "work" with an equally frivolous-looking sound system and/or computer. The speakers system most likely creates awesome quality sound, but unless it also doubles as a Scotch decanter and/or elderly person's candy jar - it's useless.

Speaking of frivolous computers, as great as Apple products are (disclosure: I own some stock in Apple, currently the value of a couple hairs on Steve Jobs' ass...literally) the $1200+ Macbook Air is basically a ridiculously-priced Netbook. There's only one USB port and a whole lot of half-assed features, so you won't use this for Final Cut Pro, that's for sure (unless you're some sort of conceptual artist and the Macbook Air is one of the limits you placed on yourself for a certain project).

Paired together, both the speakers and Macbook Air look quite nice. The owner, however, could potentially be a gigantic douche - that is, if he/she doesn't do anything good to counterbalance the douchiness.

If you're in the market for Netbooks, save the $1200 and instead go for the $400 One Laptop per Child XO Laptop (Give a Laptop, Get a Laptop) - you get one and they send one to a kid in a developing country, for his/her education. Plus, the operating system is an open-source Linux build, badass in the same way the Apple OS was badass in 1990s. Now the OS X's spinning wheel of death (or as I call it, the Wheel of Misfortune) is just as annoying as the Windows hourglass (disclosure: I also own some stock in Microsoft, which in this economy is the equivalent of Bill Gates' - what's more disturbing than ass hair?).

Anyhow, now you know my wishlist for Christmas. Get crackin', people!

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