Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

Barring any late-breaking news, the kind that stirs me to rant (rationally or hyperbolically), I'll have to take the week of Thanksgiving off. I'll probably be back the first week of December.

In any case, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! By the time I write here again, Hillary Clinton will probably accept her selection as Barack Obama's Secretary of State, and we'll also hear about the nominees of other cabinet positions. The President-elect will have several Secretaries-select by December.

Obama's adaptation of Lincoln's Team of Rivals just might work, but we'll know for sure come late January. My advice for all the nervous hard-line Republicans who fear the new administration, especially the ones who already call for Obama's impeachment: They make pills for anxiety, you know.

In any case, eat lots of turkey (or fake turkey, if that's your thing) and mashed potatoes and wine and pumpkin pie and whatever else edible on the dinner table. If you are in a region of the world that doesn't celebrate a Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday, try it.

Just wear comfortable pants.

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  1. Fake turkey. LOL. I'm going to have me some arroz con gandules (rice and pigeon peas), turkey, macaroni salad, stuffing, and cranberry sauce (slices). Yummy!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ryan!


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