Saturday, November 8, 2008

Note to "Extreme" Right-wing Media: Be Funny, Not Bitter

Let's go down pop culture's one-dimensional political spectrum of reactions to President-elect Obama's victory on Tuesday:

On the far left - commies, hippies, and anarchists alike - they probably think Obama's a lightweight.

At the center-left and center-center, about 52% of the popular vote, they - WE - are still feeling the buzz from Tuesday. Like the right kind of liquor at the right moment, there's little to no hangover (so far).

Like the reborn real John McCain, the center-right is gracious in defeat.

On the far right, whoa. I hope these bloggers and talking heads are just letting it all out for the next two months so they can constructively move forward. The First Amendment generally gives room for condemning the will of the people (without violence), speculating how Marxist/Islamic our President-elect is (various court cases give a green light to some defamation directed at public personalities), Facebook groups that call for the firing of the guy who hasn't punched into work yet (impeach Obama!), and other forms of vitriol. Please let it out, and come January 20th, let the real critiquing of real issues begin.

Better yet, instead of using all this time to pour speculative hate, why not hone that long-lost art of right-wing humor (that's actually funny)? Now that the center-left is going to be in power next year, Jon Stewart, et al., won't be as funny as they were before the 4th of November. It's time for the center-right - and dare I hope, the far right? - to be satirical, spot on, and most importantly - hilarious.

Keep in mind that no one part of the spectrum can truly claim South Park's humor as their own (other than the creators and writers).

Let's move on to politics in two dimensions:

I can definitely picture some fiscally conservative humor, given the new government's task of managing the old government's economic woes. Small government conservatives were largely ignored on the national stage these past two months (Bush, Obama, and McCain all signed up for that bailout!), and possibly these past eight years. Bring on the funny, economists! Since I run a couple of small businesses and have a formerly-decent portfolio, I might laugh along with your parody and your slapstick! Fiscally conservative humor might speak to me. Three words: Alex P. Keaton. Okay, those were two words and one initial.

Call me politically unimaginative, but I can't see social conservatives tickle my funny bone. (Nor would they want to, given the not-really-but-possibly risqué nature of the previous sentence.) But by all means, fundies and jingos, please try some socially conservative, socially anti-liberal humor. We'll see if the audience laughs, or if this brand of humor is the same kind of bully douchebaggery that got your ilk voted out of political office this time around.

Still, it doesn't hurt to try. (Maybe it will hurt. Who knows?)

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