Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Halloween Election Bombshell

Nothing in the league of 2004's bin Laden video or 2000's Dubya DUI revelation was reported yesterday.

The potentially proverbial last of the Republicans (refer to my earlier rants [here and here] concerning a new party system era) might latch on to the latest guilt by association against Obama: His aunt's immigration status (or lack thereof). The problem with using guilt by association charges and ad hominem attacks in the larger debate is that it takes a tangential debate on these various allegations to see if they are cogent enough to be admitted to the larger debate. Please stick to the issues, the state of the economy being one of the issues. Remember that the largely agreed-upon goals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (American peace and prosperity*) is common among much of the electorate and nominees. We're supposed to debate about the virtues and vices of the varying means to get to the goal. Partisan hackery just gets in the way.

Three days to go, my friends, so go out there and vote (especially those in swing states).

*The Onion totally called that one in 2001.

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