Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Facebook Election

Other than myself only one of my friends (who has Facebook) commented on my pseudo-micro-blog status update on Facebook. I'm pretty sure Twitter would have been a better choice, but I haven't been tending to my Twitter page at all...and I was an early Twitter user.

Pay little attention to the happy Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, and Cindy McCain impersonators (it was a fun Halloween party):

Ryan is commenting on the Electoral Vote below this status update. 4:14pm
Ryan DeRamos at 4:15pm November 4
McCain: Bourbon and fried chicken
Obama: Maple syrup
Ryan DeRamos at 4:38pm November 4
Florida is currently making amends for the year 2000...
Ryan DeRamos at 4:49pm November 4
The Carolinas are currently for Obama?
Ryan DeRamos at 4:50pm November 4
OK, South Carolina is strange: Obama 55%, McCain 43% - yet called for McCain?
Ryan DeRamos at 4:56pm November 4
McCain: Coal mines (according to CBS)
Ryan DeRamos at 5:02pm November 4
I use the bathroom (see my Bubba Keg status update) and now it's Obama 102, McCain 34?
Ryan DeRamos at 5:04pm November 4
New England probably goes to Obama, the South - it's a new South, my friends!
Ryan DeRamos at 5:14pm November 4
FOX News just rolled back Obama's score from 81 to 77?
Ryan DeRamos at 5:17pm November 4
No, FOX News' website is just screwy: Now it reads Obama 3, McCain 8 (see my bourbon and maple syrup reference, above).
Cher Palomares at 5:25pm November 4
I'm just glad this whole election crap is almost over. -.-
Ryan DeRamos at 5:29pm November 4
I know. It'll be a relief, although I'll have to find something else to blog about starting tomorrow. :-/
Ryan DeRamos at 5:38pm November 4
Obama's late grandma's vote counts!
Ryan DeRamos at 6:03pm November 4
How do they get projected winners with no precincts reporting? Exit polling?
Ryan DeRamos at 6:05pm November 4
Obama 174, McCain 100 (depending on your source). I'm going to eat dinner. BRB.
Ryan DeRamos at 6:56pm November 4
70 to tie, or 70 to win. Dinner was spectacular.
Ryan DeRamos at 7:00pm November 4
Obama just needs California, Oregon, and Washington. I think those states voted for Kerry in 2004, and Gore in 2000.
Ryan DeRamos at 7:08pm November 4
The Johnny Cash cover artist at McCain's party is nothing compared to Vince Mira (whose vocal cords are possessed by Mr. Cash).
Ryan DeRamos at 7:13pm November 4
So far, Arizona is throwing McCain under the Straight Talk Express - Obama 55%, McCain 44%.
Ryan DeRamos at 7:16pm November 4
No, it just flopped - McCain 55%, Obama 44%.
Ryan DeRamos at 7:27pm November 4
Whoa, Montana: Obama 50%, McCain 47% (so far).
Ryan DeRamos at 7:36pm November 4
Oprah said that she felt something stir inside her when she saw Obama in 2004. An older lady nearby said, "I'll have what she's having."
Ryan DeRamos at 7:46pm November 4
Except for Virginia and Florida (so far), the South remains Republican country. Well, except for the NC Senate seat.
Ryan DeRamos at 8:00pm November 4
ABC News says that Obama won.
Ryan DeRamos at 8:04pm November 4
President-elect Barack Obama.

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