Monday, November 17, 2008


Late Sunday night/early Monday morning programming is apparently full of syndicated science fiction TV shows. Well, I knew that already and you knew that already, but since I have nothing to blog about, I think I'll just ramble (in run-on sentences). Anyhow, I watched a Stargate episode (the Stargate without MacGuyver) where clones of the main characters eventually figured out they were clones and met the originals of the main characters. Something like that. Anyhow, the clones got themselves blown up in the end to save the originals. It was funny.

Right after, there was an episode of Stargate (the one with MacGuyver) where MacGuyver and the dude with the stamp on his head realize that they were in some sort of time loop like Groundhog Day. It ended with an afterschool special moral of the story with an apparently alien humanoid Indiana Jones guy weeping. It was funnier.

I flipped on over to public television, and they had Doctor Who - the crazy Doctor with the short hair and leather jacket. I think I blogged about that Doctor's series last year. Anyhow, this episode had the Doctor and his companions in some sort of dystopian Earth satellite that produced deadly British reality TV shows - The Weakest Link, Big Brother, and stuff like that. Anyway, one of the Doctor's friends pulled out a little laser gun from his rectum and destroyed some fembots. I think it ended with a cliff hanger. While I had not seen that particular episode, I believe I saw one they'll show next week - so I think I know what happens. The leather jacket Doctor becomes the current Doctor actor. Good times.

I guess I'll have to wait a full week before I see some more sci-fi yarn on late night TV. Will I see Luke Perry as some sort of Mad Max character beyond Thunderdome? Or will it be the geeky kid from The Breakfast Club as a trivial psychic?

Maybe I'll just wait eight weeks and make it a bi-monthly thing. Or is it bi-monthly, as in every two weeks? Semi-monthly? I can never figure that out.

After watching three hours of science fiction television, I think tonight's dreams will be quite the adventure.

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