Monday, October 20, 2008

Vote 2008, Part One: Federal Offices

I'm beginning to fill in my absentee ballot. I probably won't write too much about local issues on the ballot, but there are a few state propositions I would like to partially rant about in the near future. However, now we're at the top of the ballot - Federal offices:

It is no secret that I'm voting for Obama/Biden. Earlier this year, when both Obama and McCain were frontrunners for their respective parties, I expressed optimism for the November election. Many idealize about a past McCain because, believe it or not, that form of McCain once existed. He shows up from time - especially when he cracks jokes to a receptive audience. But oh, how times have changed!

My district's Congressional seat is on the ballot as well. I don't dislike the incumbent Representative (which is the mantra of many in the country), so I'm voting for the incumbent. And thus, I perpetuate the sentiment that Congress sucks, but my Representative/Senator rocks.

I expressed this before, but if my picks are in (the Democratic supermajority in the White House and in Congress), I'm giving them less than two years. There's a trial period between January 2009 and November 2010, to see if they can remedy some of the past eight years of national illness. If they can't, I'm going to reconsider the Senator up for reelection and Representative in 2010. I just hope my options will be more than just voting Republican to take away a Democrat.

C'mon, feasible third party (or replacement second party), where are you?

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