Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Team of Mavericks: Maverick vs. Renegade (vs. The/That One and the Gaffe Machine)

Two days in a row, and I have nothing much to write about. I like the stories about all the in-fighting between the McCain camp (represented by Top Gun's "Maverick" Tom Cruise) and the Palin camp (represented by that TV show Renegade's Lorenzo Lamas). According to some McCain campaign staffers, Palin is allegedly a diva going rogue on the Maverick. They couldn't quite wait until after next week to air their dirty laundry (dry clean only).

One week to go. Not quite the lyric, but I wanna be sedated. Vote, if you can.

Tom Cruise photo credit: Kevin Ballard.
Lorenzo Lamas photo credit: Alan Light.

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