Friday, October 3, 2008

Sorry, Cubbies

LA Blue Team Update: The Dodgers are two games up against the perennially-cursed Chicago Cubs. If all goes well for the Dodgers this weekend, the fair- and foul-weather Chicago fans will have to wait another year. Apologies to Eddie Vedder and Billy Corgan, and sincere apologies to the centenarians who have waited for so long. Please hold on 'til next year...or so.

LA Red Team Update: It's strange the the worst team in the playoffs - the Dodgers - is leading their series 2-0, while the best team in the playoffs - the Angels - lost Game 1 and are currently losing against the formerly-cursed Boston Red Sox 4-1 in Game 2. Angels, get your act together! I might not need it, but I really, really want a Freeway World Series...for my birthday, of course.

To sully this relatively innocuous baseball-and-apple-pie post (by the way, Marie Callender's has pies on sale for about $7 until the end of the month...mmm, pie), I'm going to write a bit more about last night's VP debate. Anyhow, after reading the articles and blogs of people who paid more attention than me last night, this has come to my attention: Apparently, Sarah Palin admitted at the beginning of the debate that she might not answer the moderator's questions directly. Evidently, "mavericks" who travel in the "Straight Talk Express" like dodging questions (in an unwitting ironic manner of course). And so it was, Gov. Palin went the politically appropriate* route (for her socially conservative base) when it came to the gay civil rights question and spun it to talk about her agreeing with Biden's sentiment against gay marriage.

*Much has been said of the limitations of open dialogue caused by "liberal" political correctness. Not much has been said about "conservative" political correctness, that is, rhetoric that placates the "conservative" (usually socially conservative) base. To prevent confusion, as "PC" is often a pejorative against liberals, I will probably use the term politically appropriate or political appropriateness or similar permutation when it comes to politicians placating their base and trying to mislead swing voters.

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