Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Social Conservatives and Their Utopian "Real America"

I was pissed off at last weekend's hack remarks about "Real America" and "pro-America parts of America" before I saw Jon Stewart's humorous spin on things:

After watching the above clip, I was still pissed, but at least I had a good laugh.

The moral of the story is this: Unlike the partisan hacks who idealize about a country of manipulatable sheep, the only pro-America parts of America are the people who vote (or wish they could vote). So vote. Voting is an indicator that you give a damn about your country. Giving a damn kinda-sorta means you care. Caring is a sign of love. Therefore, if you vote, there's a good chance that you love America. Vote wisely. The end.

PS: If you are eligible to vote, but missed the registration deadline to vote, you suck. And you probably hate America.

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