Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Problem with Partisan Hacks

In light of the next few weeks of "us" vs. "them" mentality (and previous years thereof), I feel that it is my patriotic duty to nicely remind those caught up in the hype of the following: Asserted facts need checking, guilt by association isn't sound logic, and the issues probably should take precedence over ad hominem, dirty political attacks. In other words, don't listen to partisan hacks - especially the unfunny, popular ones.

A commenter of a blog article at the Washington Post wrote: "The problem with libs is that they exist." I hope the commenter was being facetious, but for the sake of argument, let's follow the logic of this person's assertion. Let's assume that the commenter is a "conservative" and believes in the one-dimensional, pop culture view of the political spectrum:

Communist <-> Liberal <-> Moderate <-> Conservative <-> Fascist

In the line above, I've italicized the commenter's assumed point of view of "conservative," but it could also easily just be "moderate" or "fascist" for all we know. That is beside the point. Let's eliminate the existence of "liberal" points of view, and to be fair to the commenter, let's remove everything to the left of "liberal":

Moderate <-> Conservative <-> Fascist

Do you think the blog commenter would be satisfied with this ideological spectrum? If the commenter was a "conservative," then the "moderate" point of view would be too "liberal." If the commenter was a "fascist," then everything to the left would still be unacceptable. If the commenter was a "moderate," then he/she would modify the assertion as follows: "The problem with me is that I exist."

In any case, hacks who idealize about a superficial peace created by a single, unifying ideology are akin to racists who idealize about a superficial peace created by a single, unifying tribe. Please follow this slightly absurd train of thought: After the undesirable "races" are eliminated, it may potentially snowball into eliminating undesirable "ethnicities" and then "tribes" until the "supreme human tribe" remains. This "supreme tribe" would then die off by a permutation of the "common cold." Now replace with terms in quotations with whatever political ideology espoused by hacks on all sides.

Back to the Washington Post blog commenter: In a just America (which I'd like to think is "my" America), my point of view, the commenter's point of view, and others' varying points of view are all welcome in this First Amendment-guaranteed country. The only caveat I would add is this: While all ideas are welcome in a just America, the most violent and vile of these ideas need to remain in the realm of ideas. Horrendous actions are not protected by the Bill of Rights.

Unfortunately, in the commenter's America, my point of view would not be welcome. Therefore, the commenter's America is not the United States of America. Enough downer politics. Check out the latest SNL sketch with Sarah "Maverick Who Dodges Questions" Palin and Joe "Loves His Unstable Friend John McCain" Biden:

In any case, live well, my friends. Cheers.

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