Thursday, October 30, 2008

Possible GOP-less Future: Libertarians or Constitutionists as Opposition?

If the polls and projections are knock-on-wood-knock-on-wood-knock-on-wood accurate, we'll have at least two years of Democratic governance in the White House and in both Houses of Congress - to attempt to undo six years of Republican power and two years of gridlock and the economic crap fest we're all celebrating. In this situation, and if Sarah Palin remains the GOP frontrunner and de facto party leader, I have a feeling that the fiscal conservatives of the Republican party will have their last big exodus from the party.

Ideally, the whole social conservatism question will finally be swept off the national stage, and the political debate will be a purely fiscal and economic one. In this case, if the US remains a two-major-party democracy, it will be the Democrats versus the Libertarians in a new era of party politics. There might be "bigger government" solutions to some problems, and there might be "smaller government" problems to other problems...all that without ideological BS and backwards thinking that have plagued the beginning of the 21st century. (Of course, the real ideal will have a multi-party system instead of our traditional duopoly.)

With a possible GOP implosion, the socially right wing part of the Republican party might filter over to the Constitution party. If the social conservatives are strong enough in numbers, they could possibly play a role in the future of the American party system. As long as we have at least two economic major parties debating real issues, if a discrete socially ideological party is part of the conversation - that will a necessary nuisance on the road to a multi-party system. Bring on the Green Party, while we're at it.

More political parties mean more democracy. That beats the two party (often false dichotomy) system we have now. It's infinitely better than the single-party totalitarianism that the partisan hacks desire.

Before we have more democracy, please make good use of the democracy we have now - AND VOTE!

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