Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photos: Vince Mira with the Roy Kay Trio, 10/11/2008

After the Big Babies finished their set, Vince Mira with the Roy Kay Trio hit the stage. Roy Kay, who previously played the acoustic guitar during Stone Gossard's set, played the drums. Robin Cady still was the bass player, and Mike Geglia masterfully played Scotty Moore to the headliner, Vince Mira.

Vince Mira's speaking voice is that of an unsure, slightly awkward teenager. It's very meek, low-key, and unassuming. However, when Vince started to sing, the entire audience was wowed by the richness of his basso delivery. It might be fair to say that Vince just might be a reincarnation of Hank Williams, but his vocal cords are definitely possessed by the ghost of Johnny Cash.

In other words, it's kind of like that turn of the century children's cartoon/manga Yu-Gi-Oh!, where the protagonist, an unassuming kid, is possessed by the spirit of a deep-voiced hero. Both souls share the same body and cooperatively kick some ass.

If it's Vince and Johnny in there, then that's that.

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