Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Photos: Stone Gossard and the Hank Khoir, 10/11/2008

Last Saturday, I went to the Earthkeepers Dig It concert at the Avalon in Hollywood. Before the music began, there was a speaker named James Balog, who showed a video/slideshow about the effects of climate change on the earth's various glaciers. It was pretty interesting.

The opening act was Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard and his backing band, the Hank Khoir. The backing band consisted of backup singer Barbara Ireland and the Roy Kay Trio: Roy Kay on acoustic guitar, Robin Cady on upright bass, and Mike Geglia on electric guitar. Stone played an acoustic and sang various tunes, ranging from folksy to rockabilly, and original songs and covers (Rolling Stones, Hank Williams, Motörhead).

I snapped a flash photograph right before Stone started to play his new song "Both Live."

Constantly snapping flash photos is rude to the performers on stage, so I turned off the flash for most of the show. I used a digital camera from 2002, so it doesn't focus well in low light. Many shots came out blurry, but some blurry shots looked all right.

You can almost forget about getting good focus while zooming in, with the possible exception of this picture of the upright bass player. He didn't sway or swing that much, relative to his bandmates. That could be why he was relatively in focus.

I set my digital camera on a table as an ad hoc tripod because stable shots increase the likelihood of relatively good pictures. I could almost get full band shots from this position.

An awesome person in the audience recorded video of Stone's bluegrassy cover of Motörhead's "Ace of Spades." Notice a head rockin' and groovin' back and forth in the lower center of the frame, in the front of the audience. There's a good chance that dude was me:

Hopefully someone recorded this show and posted it on the Internet. Ideally, the concert promoters should have gotten a soundboard recording (I don't think they had a Pro Tools rig in the venue), and it would rock if that recording was available online. If you happen to stumble upon this blog entry and know where to find a recording of Stone Gossard's 10/11/2008 show, please email me. Thanks.

If I have nothing political to rant about in the near future (other than debate #3), I'll definitely post photos of the other two acts: Lonnie Marshall's Lon Ho and the Big Babies (to paraphrase Lonnie: We're not New Wave; we're Do Wave. 'Cause ain't nothing newer than doin'), and Hank Williams/Johnny Cash reincarnate wunderkind Vince Mira with the Roy Kay Trio.

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