Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain "Supporters" Throw McCain Under the Straight Talk Express

John McCain's "supporters" - in reality the pro-Palin, anti-Obama proto-"mob" - have thrown their "candidate" under the Straight Talk Express, after McCain tried to defend his opponent Obama. When your professed supporters boo you, that's not a good sign, Senator McCain.

Sarah Palin abused her power as governor of Alaska when it came to firing an official who refused to fire a state trooper involved in a Palin family feud. When your running mate is as corrupt as the Washington your ticket promises to clean up maverick-style, that's not a good sign, Senator McCain.

Also in the news, the economy sucks right now. If the stock market were a game of strip poker, I'd be showing nipple. I'm just sayin'. However, I still stand by my previous blog entries about the virtues of being a cautious investor. When the market bounces back and/or transitions into something similar but'll see. We'll be billionaires, either legitimately or because the dollar becomes worthless. Anyway, when people care more about the economy than petty accusations of guilt by association, that's not a good sign, Senator McCain.

Besides, McCain has his own guilt by association problem. No, not Charles Keating, but some of his supporters, similar to those mentioned in the first paragraph.

John McCain pals around with the ignorant (and possibly drunk)! That's not a good sign, Senator McCain.

With less than a month to go, it seems like the election is already said and done. Barack Obama is essentially the President-elect right now, or am I forgetting something?

Noooooooooo! Okay, okay, let's analyze this: While anything can happen in this universe, as evidenced by the photo above (copyrighted by the Associated Press but used here for educational purposes), that was during an era of radio and slow broadcast information. If yesteryear had today's technology, there would not have been that surprise result and subsequent iconic photograph.

Lesson learned. Still, nothing can possibly go wrong, and Obama's victory will be a referendum against eight years of the Bush Administration. The voters will have their fair say, or will they?


(Butterfly ballot photo credit: Ondrejk.)

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