Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lucid Palin + Lucid Biden = Freakin' Boring (Just Kidding)

The one and only Vice Presidential debate went quite well. Palin didn't ramble like a high schooler unsuccessfully wingin' it through an oral presentation, and Biden didn't resort to steampunk comic book anachronisms to prove his point. Like last week's Presidential debate, this essentially consisted of live cuts of album tracks, I mean, campaign ads. Only this time, it seemed friendlier than the McCain-Obama ruckus. I'm pretty sure both the Palin and Biden households shared a big table at Applebee's after the debate.

I have a few observations:

1. Like Obama, Biden employed the classy debate technique of concessions and refutations: He praised Palin for looking out for Alaska's taxpayers with the Windfall Profits Tax (his concession), but then pointed out that McCain wouldn't do the same for America's taxpayers and that the Obama/Biden Administration would (his refutation).

2. Palin tried her best to play down the Bush-McCain connection. Instead of either throwing Bush under the "Straight Talk" Express or providing solid proof that McCain will not continue Bush's policies, Palin admonished Biden for "looking at the past" whenever he mentioned Bush.

3. Biden admitted to a changing his worldview when it came to judging the appointment of Federal judges - ideology matters. Palin, on the other hand, held on to an "I'm always right" attitude, in the same manner that she'd rather BS incoherently through Katie Couric's interview than honestly admit to not knowing Supreme Court cases other than Roe v. Wade. There's a difference between flip-flopping when it's politically useful to do so and having an evolving, maturing world view. There's also less shame in saying "I don't know" than incoherently BS-ing.

4. If last week's debate was a bash-Bush-fest, then this week is the "Who is John McCain, really?" debate.

5. For all the pleasantness of this debate, I'm pretty sure Tina Fey still has some good material to satirize (not just mimic verbatim) for a future SNL sketch.

In any case, be sure to visit and The FactCheck Wire to decipher all the spin (minimal as it was) from tonight's debate.

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  1. I agree that the debate went quite well. Now it's time for fact-checking.


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