Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm a Fan of the Greater LA Metro Area, Non-San Diego Southland Professional Sports Teams (Sorry, SD)

I sometimes feel like Homer Simpson, waving a pennant for everything worth cheering for (or not worth cheering for): School, mid-season, showgirls, millennium, awards, mental, justice, TV sports, French circus, convicts, game shows, girth, XFL, etc. While there is divisiveness by several sports fans within the same city/metro region (Cubs fans vs. White Sox fans; Mets fans vs. Yankee fans; Dodgers fans vs. Angels fans; etc.), I just want my "city" (that big urban/suburban mass known as the Southland of California, the Greater Los Angeles Area, etc.) to win professional championships.

I wanted the Lakers to win in June (dang it, Kobe, losing to the Celtics).

I cheer whenever the Clippers make it to the playoffs ('cause you know, they're probably not making it any further than the first round). Whenever the Clippers meet the Lakers, the back of my head roots for the underdog. For once, maybe Goofus can beat Gallant. Of course, the rest of my being roots for the Lakers, since the NBA has a geographical conference system, and wins over the Clippers helps the Lakers' standings in the Western Conference. Sometimes I wish the NBA were divided into non-regional conferences, like the MLB's NL and AL, and the NFL's NFC and AFC. Anyway...

I have commemorative glasses from the local Mobil, souvenirs of the LA Rams and LA Raiders. They're long gone, but it sure was great when we had both of them.

The Kings were great when they had Gretzky and could've went all the way in the early 90s, and the Ducks were great when they won the Stanley Cup. Admittedly, I'm not much for hockey, but I like it when my SoCal teams win.

Yes, and I like LA's women's pro basketball team and professional soccer team, too, but I'm sure that there's only one team of each in the region...I think...? After a quick Wiki-search, I guess I'm cheering for both the Galaxy and Chivas USA (when I have the time to do so).

Anyhow, that brings me to the Dodgers and the Angels. As I have stated over and over in various posts, I want a Freeway World Series. Unfortunately, the Angels aren't honoring their part of the bargain. It's not like I'm a fair weather fan; I'll still cheer for the Angels next season if they lose one more game against the Red Sox (and thus get eliminated). I'll still cheer for the Dodgers next season if they don't make it all the way this time around (but after 20 years, they're due, dang it!). If, in the now-unlikely situation that they meet in the World Series, I'm probably going for the Dodgers. Growing up, I was the Dodgers kid and my brother was the California Angels guy. For historical childhood reasons, and the fact that it's the Dodgers' twenty years of championship drought versus the Angels' six years of drought, I'm ultimately rooting for the Dodgers.

That said, I'm still rooting for the LA's blue and red teams while they're still in play.

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