Friday, October 10, 2008

Give a Democratic President and Congress Two Years

Here I go again, glossing over history: We had six years of a Republican President and a Republican majority in Congress. Look what happened there. Then we had about two years of a Republican President and a veto-prone Democratic majority in Congress. Ironically, the President still successfully pushed forward his agenda recently - the stimulus checks and the bailout, none of which has done much noticeable good lately.

So here's the deal, America (Bernie Mac, I'm borrowing your phrase - R.I.P., by the way): Chances are, while Congress sucks as a whole, you the voter like your dude/chick in the House and your guy/gal in the Senate. Therefore in this election, Congress won't change much, and the Democrats will still have their slight majority. If we vote in the Democrat Obama to the Presidency, things will get done. His campaign promises to the middle class will mostly go through with the support of a Democratic majority in Congress. Republican McCain won't find such support in office, even with his previous reputation of crossing party lines. In a few short weeks, the bipartisan maverick has ruined his credibility by becoming an erratic, Rovian mudslinging, pseudo-"mavericky" type. If you're not convinced of this, why is one ticket focusing on the economy, while the other is splitting between guilt-by-association mudslinging (defamation if the attacks weren't focused on public figures) and some stuff about the economy?

Let the Democrats have two years. Sure, a lot of things can go wrong, but the chances are good that it won't be worse than the past eight years of the Bush Administration (six with a Republican Congress and a little less than two with today's current situation). If the Democrats just suck in the next two years, or the changes (read: the rectifying of Bush's policies) reek too much of Norwegian socialism for your taste, you have the power to change the face of Congress in 2010. Don't vote for your guy/gal in Congress. Pick someone else. If every district and state in the US does this, well - that's change, right?

At the very least, the majority would then shift from the Democrats to the Republicans in 2010 (that is, if the Democrats don't do their job between 2009 and late 2010). At the very best, Congress will have to modify its seating arrangement to deal with a multi-party scheme, with significant amounts of "independents" and third-party members. If an Obama Administration/new Congress situation doesn't work between 2011 and late 2012, you are free pick a new Representative for your district and a new President for your country.

To reiterate, America, give the Democrats a chance for the next two years. McCain still hasn't proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a third Republican Administration would be any different than the past two terms. Here's a silver lining for the Bush supporters and other permutations of Republican-style conservatism: In an Obama Administration, socially conservative attempts at satire might actually be funny in the next few years, where previously it was just asshattery.

In any case, while I've obviously supported one outcome in this election of another, I want you to vote, if legally possible - no matter for whom.

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