Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free Speech No Matter How Moronic

I was on Facebook, and my friend Nathan posted this video he found on YouTube:

Since this is America, the above woman has every right to express her opinion, even if it is a gigantic euphemism for racism. Of course, if it is an ideal America, her opinion would be a "necessary evil" to tolerate, a fringe minority view in the midst of a variety of more "intelligent" opinions. Ironically (and tragically), her vision of America probably wouldn't reciprocate the tolerance.

Here's to the First Amendment and civil liberties! Freedom is a double-edged sword, since we have to deal with unpleasant ideas, but it beats totalitarianism and fascism. In that case, we'd have to deal with unpleasant actions.

If you don't like the above woman's opinion, vote. If you agree with her logic, vote. Just vote, and we'll see what happens.

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