Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Cajun Boy in the City" Is Awesome

...and I mean the title as sincerely as possible. I'm a semi-frequent reader.

I remember blogging in early September about the whole Sarah-Palin-not-Trig's-mother conspiracy. This was when the McCain campaign was beginning to ride high from their post-VP announcement, and before the series of stock market dips that have effectively erased the McMentum. I lost interest in the conspiracy theory, and it seems even the enterprising individual who actually set up a website about it lost interest.

Since then, only a handful still finds the earlier rumor too interesting to shake. One of whom is a blogger dubbed "Cajun Boy in the City." He's been blogging somewhat frequently on the topic, and has recently announced that there could be a news report (of the "MSM" variety) about this topic to be released very soon...possibly tomorrow. Cajun Boy describes the report as "a bit of a bombshell piece on the Palin family."

Great, I guess. With all the -gate scandals to that have been ignored by her fans and energized her opponents, will the swing voters pay attention? Or should we simply continue the discussion about how much the economy sucks right now?

Anyway, I hope Cajun Boy's potential announcement of a possible bombshell surfaces eventually (before or after the does not matter). Then at least I could be the guy who wrote a blog entry about a blog entry on another blog that mentioned a potential announcement of a possible bombshell.

I'd get all sorts of website views...maybe.

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