Monday, September 1, 2008

U.S. Politics: Desperate Freaking Housewives.

I guess the fall TV season is starting with a bang: A mother allegedly hiding her daughter's pregnancy* for her own political gain, two rivals who may be the Antichrist, and an epic hurricane over the horizon!

Wait. That's not TV! That's U.S. Presidential Politics! Okay, except for the last one. We'll have to see if VP candidate Sarah Palin is the baby-mama or baby-granny of infant Trig (like Marcia Cross' character from Desperate Housewives, or Jack Nicholson's mother/grandmother in real life). And we'll have to see whether McCain or Obama is the Antichrist, doing the opposite of Jesus' miracles: Who will turn wine into water (by urination)? Who will take away loaves and fish from the masses (by recession)? Who will move underwater (by swimming)? Blasphemy, I say, blasphemy!

Kidding aside, I hope that Gustav loses strength before it hits the Gulf Coast, and I'm sure my fellow Americans - and others, too - feel the same way. I'm glad that the GOP is modifying the start of their convention to focus on the hurricane, and the Democrats are officially easing their campaign strategy for the time being, too. I hope bloggers of the entire political spectrum try to do the same, but if my first paragraph is any indication, that seems highly unlikely. While the major parties do the decent thing on TV, I'm guessing they're really counting on us bloggers to continue slinging the ad homs and allegations when the storm hits land.

However, I hope that Labor Day is full of barbecued beef and beer for everyone who celebrates in that manner. Along with Memorial Day, Father's Day, and the Fourth of July - that's what the summer is all about, isn't it? And yes, I do wish a Happy Labor Day to everyone else who doesn't celebrate such holidays with great food and drink because, after all, there is no one right way to celebrate Labor Day - as long as it's a good way!


*Labor Day update: The Palin camp reports that Sarah's daughter Bristol is five months pregnant right now, in order to address the Trig motherhood rumor. If the chronology is correct, the situation is still open for some tinfoil hat conspiracy hounding involving Catholic Twins. Stay tuned tomorrow for a slightly obsolete musing on the pregnancy "controversy," written before the recent news of Bristol's current pregnancy.

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