Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stock Market Investments: Let 'Em Ride*

*No, it's not that simple. I empathize with investors who have were hardest hit by this week's crash. I can only reiterate common sense ways of investing:

1. Do your homework;
2. Diversify your portfolio;
3. If possible, also invest outside of the NYSE and NASDAQ.

For those who haven't jumped into the realm of stock ownership, now might be a good time for a crash course (pardon the slightly pessimistic pun). Start small and learn the pitfalls and heights of chaotic and cyclical economics - not only by booklearnin' but also by getting your hands dirty. Who knows? Maybe beginner's luck will be on your side. Beginner's luck is always awesome, but again, learn to do your homework and invest wisely.

Remember, this post is intended as entertainment and shouldn't remotely be misconstrued as financial advice.

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