Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin: Bush Doctrine, Truthiness, and the Colbert Doctrine

John McCain knows what the Bush Doctine is. He's supported it from the beginning. Barack Obama knows what it is; he debated and squabbled with Hillary Clinton over it earlier this year. Since no one asked, Joe Biden was there too (and probably knows what it is). In spite all our (satirical mis-)characterization of George W. Bush's sentience, even he knows what his own doctrine is about. Hopefully.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, kinda-sorta stumbled over it during Charlie Gibson's interview. When it comes to the mantra of change that's been hyped up by both sides this election: You can't change what you support, and you can't purposely change what you don't know. The Bush Doctrine among other issues, it seems that the Maverick ticket hasn't quite made the case how a third Republican term would be any different than the previous two Republican terms in the Oval Office.

To be fair, Palin did all right during the first part of the Gibson interview on World News Tonight (I did not yet see the Nightline segment as of this writing). Palin speaking in talking points has shown that she's neither the iron woman lionized by her supporters nor the straw woman created by her detractors. No, she's just an ambitious politician - hockey, pitbulls, and lipstick notwithstanding. Let us further study Palin on the issues and subject her to the same scrutiny that we give to all politicians.

When we bring up the smears, let us do so in a tongue-in-cheek manner: Did she really inquire to censor books from the Wasilla lie-berry? Does she favor the endangerment of Alaska's flora and fauna, its wildlife and foil-age? You know, if John McCain can't finish his possible term as President, Palin will indeed have access to the nuc-u-lar codes. No, I'm not making fun of Palin's Idahoan/Alaskan/Frontier West accent - accents are cool - but people with varying accents can pronounce nuclear better than the Clinton/Bush/Homer Simpson way of saying it. Acceptable pronunciations come in several regional flavors (not an exhaustive list): Nu-clee-uhr, nu-clee-ar, nu-clee-ah, nu-clear, nuke-leer, even nu-creer shows effort - do you see what I'm getting at?

Tangential rant aside - in the interview, Palin asserted that she doesn't blink when it comes to making big decisions, relying on her gut reaction to catapult her to the world's stage. Therefore, Sarah Palin has declared herself to be embodiment of the Colbert Doctrine: Truthiness. Unfortunately, Wikiality (or a computer or smart phone with an Internet connection) wasn't on her side when answering Gibson's Bush Doctrine question.

I must admit, though, that nucular is quickly becoming (if not already) a Wikiality. (I am fully aware that all the links in this entry ironically go to Wikipedia. If you'll remember from an earlier post, I am trying to use excessive irony to open a portal to Plato's Realm of Forms, that is, if the CERN doesn't beat me to it.)

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  1. BARACK OBAMA: In a conference call with reporters, Obama said Clinton would continue the "Bush doctrine" of only speaking to leaders of rogue nations if they first meet conditions laid out by the United States.

    Looks like Obama doesn't know what the Bush Doctrine is!


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