Monday, September 29, 2008


When I was in grade school, we had art class. The teacher would do some arbitrary lesson about drawing circles or whatever, and we'd draw or crayon according to the lesson. We'd submit the artwork, and the teacher would grade us without knowing the criteria for achieving a high grade versus a low grade. I'd get a "check plus" for a phone-it-in drawing, and the dreaded "check minus" for something I poured my young heart and soul into - go figure.

Anyhow, a classmate liked something I drew, and when we received our papers back, I decided to give that drawing to him. I felt like Picasso or whoever, with a fan. Anyway, the dude turned around, covered my signature and showed other classmates the work, taking credit for it.

What a douche. If I ever Quantum Leap back into my younger self at that particular moment in time, I'll be sure to kick that kid's ass.

Anyway, some music blog called "" essentially plagiarized my review of Jeff Ament's Tone album.

This is a screenshot of the original review, written by yours truly, posted on September 15, 2008:

The accused plagiarist took material starting with the second sentence in the second paragraph all the way down to my quip on Jeff Ament's true day job. This is a screenshot the plagiarized article, posted two days ago, on September 27, 2008:

Sure, the accused plagiarist and I differed in our opinion of the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy," and The Strokes were mentioned there but not here - but the rest is obvious. The plagiarized review doesn't seem like a program mishmashed words to create an automated plagiarism full of broken English; it genuinely seems like a person plagiarized my work - why else could there have been a difference of opinion when it came to "Jeremy"?

If you go to the website (which I ain't linkin' to), they're being monetized by Associates ads. If that site makes some money from, well, they definitely owe me.

To the alleged plagiarist (and I use "alleged" as sarcastically as possible): You're welcome. And yes, I do feel a bit flattered that my material is "good" enough to steal.

P.S. Here's a screenshot of another one of 'em plagiarists, with a post from yesterday, September 28, 2008:

Apparently "S. Box" will take credit for their remix of Radiohead's "Nude," but they won't properly quote my work, nor provide a link to the original. I know these "blogs" are file sharers and blatant copyright infringers, but they should at least use their own words when hyping their wares (or is it warez?).

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